XGamer 常規賽 2017 May (Zenox 全力贊助)

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 XGamer 常規賽 2017 May (Zenox & Mionix贊助)




冠軍: Mionix Naos QG 電競滑鼠

亞軍: Mionix Castor  電競滑鼠

第三,四名: Mionix Naos 3200 電競滑鼠



  1. 比賽於亞洲伺服器進行。
  2. 參賽人數上限為128人。
  3. 各參賽者報到後請修改自己的顯示名稱為遊戲帳號Battle Tag(如: 我是參賽者#6666)
  4. 報到後半小時內要必須加 XGamer 官方 Battle.net 帳號(XGamer#4888),直至比賽完結,以確保玩家有登入參賽。
  5. 比賽以標準模式進行。
  6. 比賽以征服制進行,32強開始採BO5(4Ban1)單淘汰制,32強前採BO3單淘汰制。
  7. 選手未能準時報到則視為棄權,報到時間請參考比賽頁面。
  8. 選手於比賽中若有任何疑問,須立即通知裁判處理。
  9. 若於比賽中遇到不可抗拒因素(如:網路斷線、電力中斷等)而中斷比賽,則裁判有權重賽或依據情況行使公平裁定權力。
  10. 參加者必須要超過64人才能獲得積分(未截止時間前未達最低參賽人數,比賽將會擇日重新舉辦。
  11. 參賽者須同意接受本條約規範,參賽者若有違規行為將會被取消資格。裁判對比賽判決擁有絕對權力。
  12. 如有任何問題,請私訊XGamer的Facebook專頁。




Zenox  全力贊助


XGamer Season 2017 May (Sponsored by Zenox& Mionix)

Competition Date: 2017/05/07

Competition Sign-up: http://xgamer.challonge.com/xgamer2017May


(1st): Mionix MNAOS QG Mouse

(2nd): Mionix Castor Mouse

(3rd-4th): Mionix Naos3200 Mouse

Points toward the 2017 HCT: 

Tournament Rules:

  1. All matches will be played on the Asia region.
  2. Limited number of competitors: 128
  3. Players must  change your challonge ID to your Battle Tag after check in this Competition.(Ex: Player#6666)
  4. Players may be added by the XGamer#4888 account to confirm their rank.
  5. The standard format will be used.
  6. Tournament matches before round of 16 match will be played in best-of-3 Conquest single elimination format.Tournament matches after round of 32 match will be played in best-of-5 (4Ban1)Conquest single elimination format.
  7. All players are required to check-in before competition starts.
  8. In case of any uncertainty, players must immediately notify and ask help from admin.
  9. In case of internet disconnection or power failure, admin has the right to decide a rematch.
  10. The totally Tournament matches players must be over 64, If no the matches will be reschedule or cancel.
  11. Any kind of cheat will result in the disqualification of the tournament. XGamer reserves the right to interpret all rules.
  12. For further queries, please contact us on our Facebook Page.

XGamer’s Raidcall: 27620924

Our Website: http://www.xgamer.pro/

Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XGamerEsports/

Sponsored by Zenox & Mionix


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